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Sitemio was founded with great enthusiasm to meet the needs and requirements of the information technology industry, especially software, and to produce solutions professionally.

With years of knowledge and experience in the field of information technology, it offers solutions for every budget on web software, web hosting, domain name registration, international and local sms and all other digital service areas.

Sitemio; has developed the WiseCP project, which facilitates international trade for all firms, institutions and organizations that offer information technology and digital services without any investment, incentives and financial support.

You can visit https://www.wisecp.com for more information about the Wscms project.

With the industry knowledge and experience that we have gained in the field of web software for a long time, we are producing solutions with completely user-oriented, professional design and projects thought out to the finest detail.

Hassle-free Service - Continuous Support

If you have any of the Sitemio products, you will receive quality service without any problems. We are always behind our products and services and provide support every single day.

Affordable Price - Quality Service

All our products and services are evaluated according to the market, together with their service content and qualifications, and the minimum price policy is applicable. In this way, you will have quality and trouble-free service at the most cheap prices.

Completely Special Production!

All our software is our own production. The visual design and the program are carefully prepared with the thought to the finest detail. The themes in the market are never used.

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