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Softacar setup is quite simple and fast. If the necessary conditions are met, you can complete the installation process within minutes.

Details of the installation are explained in detail below.

  • Download Your Installation File.
    Download the installation file from your sitemio.com client panel and upload the files in it via ftp to your site.

  • Creating a Database.
    Create a database and database user via your hosting interface panel (cpanel, plesk etc.) - (Authorize the database user for the database you are creating.) Database name - make a note of the database user name and password.

  • Run the Setup Wizard.
    When you run www.domain.com/install.php you will see the "Easy Setup Wizard". Easy setup wizard consists of 4 steps. These are mentioned below.

  • Installation Stage 1 >> System Requirements
    The Easy Setup wizard will check the features required for installation and will provide you with a report. If your server has enough hardware for the installation, you can proceed to the next stage. If one or more of the listed features are notified, you will need to obtain support from your hosting company.

  • Installation Stage 2 >> Database Information
    Describe the database information you have already created in the relevant boxes at this stage. If there is no problem, the easy installation wizard will automatically load the contents of the database.

  • Installation Stage 3 >> Adjustments
    You can define the basic knowledge of your website and the knowledge of the full authority admin with at this stage.

  • Installation Stage 4 >> Installation is complete.
    Softacar is now installed and ready for use.

Some issues you may encounter during installation

There may be some "non-software-side" issues that you may encounter during installation. These are listed below.

Mod_rewrite should be active

Main Reason > The main reason you encounter this warning is that mod_rewrite is inactive on your server. You should contact your hosting company for solution.

Probable Reason > If you're sure mod_rewrite is active, the cause of the problem is that the system is unable to send local requests through CURL. You should contact your hosting company for solution.

Administrator Information could not be changed

Main Reason > The reason you encounter this warning is that the system is installed on a non-licensed domain name. The system can only be installed on a licensed domain name. Please make sure that the software is installed on the domain name that the license defines. If you have misidentified the license information, please contact us.

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